Materials Technology for help to decarbonize and CO2 capture and utilization

Our TAMOF-1 material allows the separation of CO2 at low pressure, reducing the necessary investment.

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Technology for CO2 separation, modular, simple and robust.

What do we do?

Our technology allows CO2 to be separated and purified in a wide range of concentrations and conditions.

It can be applied in small emission sources and in those agri-food applications where CO2 is needed as a product or additive.



Ask us for your specific application, we adapt to the working conditions of your process (pressure, temperature, volume and composition). Some of our markets are:

Biogas Purification

By maintaining the advantages of conventional membranes, we reduce their operating pressure and save you up to 25% in operating costs.

We reduced the price of biomethane, a booming renewable energy source.

CO2 emissions

Reducing the operating pressure… means we can separate CO2 from emissions! Avoid greenhouse gas emissions, save on emission rights and dispose of CO2 as a product for your processes or commercialization.


We can recover CO2 from DHW or industrial boilers and give CO2 a new use, in agronomic applications, food production and packaging.

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Awards and programs

  • La Caixa-ICIQ project incubator

  • CleanTech Camp 2017 – Innoenergy

  • Fondo Emprendedores Repsol 2018/2019

  • Ingenia. ENAGAS (2020)

  • CDTI. NEOTEC (2021)